Testing for COVID-19 using TrueNat (revised)

The ICMR allocated two TrueNat Uno machines for the state of Nagaland through the National Tuberculosis Elimination Program.

As revised on 19/05/2020, the TrueNat system is now a comprehensive assay for screening and confirmation of COVID-19 cases.

The assay comprises of following two steps.

Step 1: This is E gene screening assay. All samples of suspect COVID-19 should be first tested by this assay. All negatives are to be
considered as true negatives. All positive samples should be subjected to confirmation by step 2 assay.

Step 2: RdRp gene confirmatory assay. All samples that test positive by this assay must be considered as true positive.

No further RT-PCR based confirmation is required for samples that are positive after step 2 of the assay above.

All positive and negative results must be reported to ICMR portal in real time manner.

TrueNat machines are placed at

  1. Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital (IMDH), Mokokchung
  2. District Hospital, Mon

Both the laboratories are functional.


  1. Guidance on the use of TruenatTM beta CoV
  2. Additional Guidelines for TrueNat testing for COVID-19
  3. Approval for COVID-19 Screening Rest Using TrueNat (4th May, 2020)
  4. Revised Guidelines for TrueNat testing for COVID-19 (19th May, 2020)


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