Authorization of CMOs to issue movement order permit for patients


Under the powers conferred by the Nagaland Epidemic Disease (COVID-19) Regulations, 2020 regulation No. 6, the Chief Medical Officers of the district are designated as ‘Authorized persons’ under the Act.

The movement of the patients whether inter-State or intra-State may be accordingly permitted as issued by the authority of the Chief Medical Officer for patients belonging to the respective district.

The State has issued orders regarding processes to be followed before issuing of movement order/permit for patients:

For Patients Referral Outside the State

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, in the event of a patient requiring to be referred outside the State for non-COVID illnesses, the treating doctor/hospital must ensure that the following due processes are followed before issuing movement order / permit:

  1. The treating doctor shall screen the patient for COVID-like symptoms. If the patient fulfills the latest ICMR criteria for testing, the patient will be tested for COVID-19. No patient should travel before the result is received.
  2. If the test result is positive, the patient will not be allowed to be referred outside the State under any condition.
  3. If the test result is negative, the patient will enclose the report while applying for movement order/permit to travel.
  4. If the patient does not qualify the criteria for testing, the treating doctor must put in writing the diagnosis of the patient with an undertaking that the patient does not exhibit any COVID-like signs and symptoms, and is not a suspected case for COVID-19 (See reference No.3 below for format).
  5. While applying for movement order / permit, it will be mentioned if the referral to hospital outside the State is on the patient’s request or the doctor’s referral.
  6. The hospital outside the State to which the patient is referred, should be willing to accept the patient. A written document in this regard (an acceptance note by the hospital) should be enclosed when the patient is applying for referral or movement order / permit.

For Patients Returning from Outside the State

Movement order/permit will be issued if patients are discharged or referred back to the State. For those patients who are returning but still require hospitalization, patient party should arrange hospital within the State before arrival (to avoid patients being turned away by hospital).

The SOP for patients returning home will be followed on arrival (See Reference No. 5).


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