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Nagaland is one of the leading Cancer prevalent states in the country. It is a cancer burdened proven state as there are no facilities for its management, thus compelling 90% of detected Cancer cases to move out of the state in search of treatment causing the state overburdened economically. Higher prevalence rate is attributed to the ignorance of the early signs and symptoms of cancer, leading to either undetected or late stage detection, resulting higher rate of morbidity and mortality.

Government of India is yet to launch comprehensive Cancer control strategy, hence no fund is made available under this programme. NRHM too has no provision for this sector, therefore Cancer control activities are extremely limited within the budget provision of the state plan which is too meager with no scope to upscale its strategy despite the existing urgency to address.




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Nov 09, 2020

Nagaland Health Project (NHP) with support from World Bank aims to improve management and delivery of health services and increase their utilization by communities in targeted locations in Nagaland without duplicating existing government programs.

Atoshe Sema

Aug 02, 2017

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