National Health Programmes National Mental Health Programme NMHP

District Mental Health Programme (DMHP) under NMHP is a national programme implemented under the flexi pool of NCD within the overall umbrella of NHM. In Nagaland DMHP was launched in 2016-17 with the following objectives as per GOI Guidelines

Structure of the Program:-

                National Mental Health Program(NMHP) under the Directorate of  Health & Family Welfare is being implemented in the State with the following set up:

  1. State Level: 1(NONE) SPO under Directorate of Health & Family Welfare.
  2. District Level: 1(ONE) Psychiatrist or Trained MO as Nodal Officer for each DMHP.

Following are the present set up under NMHP catering to the needs of the people particularly with mental disorder/illness.

  District Helpline No.
Dimapur (District Hospital Dimapur) functioning since 2016-17. 7641034347
Mokokchung(District Hospital Mokokchung) functioning since 2016-17. 8119074577
Kohima(NHAK) functioning since 2017-18. 9402079798
Phek(District Hospital Phek) functioning since 2018-19. 6009541233
Longleng(District Hospital Longleng) functioning since 2018-19. 6009109696

Aims and Objective:-

(a)To provide mental health services including prevention, promotion and long term continuing care at different levels of district healthcare delivery system.

(b)To augment institutional capacity in terms of infrastructure, equipment and human resource for mental healthcare.

(c)To promote community awareness and participation in delivery of mental health services.

(d)To broad-base Mental Health into other related programmes.

Services available:-

            To promote community participation in the mental health services, treatment of common mental illnesses and availability of all the essential drugs are providing free of cost in all the functioning DMHPs.

Activities/ Performance of the last 5yrs.

Sl. No Category 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 Total
1 Training Psychiatrist/MOs 77 30 29 0   Covid-19 awareness on mental health 136
Nurses 16 102 54 0 172
Psychologist, Social Worker, School teachers/ NGO trained   85   7   8   0   100
                    2                     IEC Advertisement in newspapers, Hoardings, Wall paintings   27   1   16   2 Free counselling service 24X7   46
No. of patients examined during Outreach camp   80   99   244   0 Distributed pamphlet (Stigma & Covid-19 and mental health & wellness during Covid-19 pandemic) to various quarantine centre   423
Awareness in churches, schools & Colleges     86     90     148     4     328
Interpersonal Communications (Meetings with the family members) 371 460 923 539 Awareness of mental health during pandemic in All India Radio. 2293
3 Services OPD 165 515 1154 784 132 2618
IPD-Patients admitted 151 45 416 305 0 917
Follow-up cases 946 1429 1876 1198 381 5449

Way forward:-

Create awareness generation activities on social stigma associated with mental disorders, suicide prevention, other mental illness etc through training, interpersonal communication, IEC, schools & churches visits, outreach activities etc.

State Mental Health Institute

The  State Mental Health Institute Kohima (SMHIK) previously called Mental Hospital Kohima has been so named in order to help remove the stigma attached to the word Mental Hospital and thus able to render to the needs in a greater and better ways. It is also called Institute because of its academic services undergoing since several years.

Apart from regular OPD, IPD, MLC & Emergency services we have regular academic teaching classes in batch wise for the nursing students from (1) Naga Hospital Authority Kohima, (2) CIHSR Dimapur and (3) IMDH Mokokchung. We are also providing field work/ internship opportunities for Master of Psychology & Master of Social Work students from different universities in India.