Ayushman Bharat – Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY) is an initiative of Government of India which aims to accelerate India’s progress towards Universal Health Coverage. PMJAY provides free hospitalization coverage up to Rs. 5 lakhs per entitled household per year through a network of public and private hospitals. The health services covered under the programme include hospitalization expenses, day care surgeries, follow-up care, pre and post hospitalization expense benefits.

PM-JAY covers poor and vulnerable households which are identified from the Socio-Economic Caste Census (SECC) data of the year 2011. In rural areas, households that meet the deprivation criteria (D1 to D7 except D6) and 11 occupational categories in urban areas are covered. Only households whose name is on the list are entitled for the benefits of PMJAY. Additionally, any household that has an active RSBY card (issued in 2016 or 2017 in Nagaland) is covered. A total of 2,33,328 families in the State are eligible for the Scheme.

The scheme is implemented in Insurance mode wherein ‘The Oriental Insurance Company Limited’ has been selected through National Bidding for the implementation of the Scheme in the State.

There are 81 empaneled hospitals (64 public and 17 private) in the State. From inception on 23rd September 2018 till 15th November, 2020, a total of 15,995 preauthorization requests have been initiated amounting to Rs. 212.41 lakhs.  A total of 15,787 claims have been submitted amounting to Rs. 205.35 lakhs out of which 12,369 claims were paid amounting to Rs. 146.3 lakhs. The benefit can be availed from any empaneled hospital across the country. There are 534 outgoing and 132 incoming portability cases. There are 2.45 lakh eCards issued till date reaching to 39% of the target beneficiary households.

Check your eligibility:

  • Visit the website
  • Visit any of the empaneled hospital listed below
  • Download PMJAY App from Playstore
  • Visit Common Service Centre (CSC / VLEs)
  • Send a WhatsApp message mentioning your family details (names with relations, village/town) to 90897 76177 (For Nagaland beneficiaries only)

Empaneled Hospitals in Nagaland:

Sl NoName of the HospitalDistrictPublic or Private
1Medziphema CHCDimapurPublic
2Christian Institute of Health sciences  Research (CIHSR)DimapurPrivate
3District Hospital DimapurDimapurPublic
4Eden Medical CenterDimapurPrivate
5Faith HospitalDimapurPrivate
6Nagaland Multispeciality Health & Research Centre Private
7Nikos Hospital & Research CentreDimapurPrivate
8Dhansiripar CHCDimapurPublic
9Niuland CHCDimapurPublic
10Zion Hospital and Research centerDimapurPrivate
11Kuhuboto PHCDimapurPublic
12District Hospital KiphireKiphirePublic
13Sitimi PHCKiphirePublic
14Pungro CHCKiphirePublic
15Amahator PHCKiphirePublic
16Likhimro PHCKiphirePublic
17Seyochung PHCKiphirePublic
19Kohima Operational Hospital And Institute Of Minimal Access Surgery (KOHIMAS)KohimaPrivate
20Naga Hospital Authority Kohima (NHAK)KohimaPublic
22State Mental Health InsitituteKohimaPublic
23K P Bethesda HospitalKohimaPrivate
24Putuonuo Nursing HomeKohimaPrivate
25Botsa PHCKohimaPublic
26Chiephobozou CHCKohimaPublic
27Tseminyu CHCKohimaPublic
28Viswema CHCKohimaPublic
29GIVF Nursing HomeKohimaPrivate
30Chunlikha PHCKohimaPublic
31Sechu PHCKohimaPublic
32Urban Primary Health Centre, SeikhazouKohimaPublic
33District Hospital LonglengLonglengPublic
34Yongyah PHCLonglengPublic
35Changtongya CHCMokokchungPublic
36Dr  Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital (IMDH)MokokchungPublic
38Lenjem HospitalMokokchungPrivate
39Sabangya PHCMokokchungPublic
40Woodland Nursing Home MokokchungMokokchungPrivate
41CD & TD Hospital MokokchungMokokchungPublic
42Mangkolemba CHCMokokchungPublic
43Tuli CHCMokokchungPublic
44Chuchuyimlang PHCMokokchungPublic
45Longjang PHCMokokchungPublic
46Longkhum PHCMokokchungPublic
47Tsurangkong PHCMokokchungPublic
48Tobu PHCMonPublic
49District Hospital MonMonPublic
50Changlangshu PHCMonPublic
51Aboi PHCMonPublic
53District Hospital PerenPerenPublic
54Athibung PHCPerenPublic
55Chozuba CHCPhekPublic
56Meluri CHCPhekPublic
57Pfutsero CHCPhekPublic
58District Hospital PhekPhekPublic
59Chizami PHCPhekPublic
60Longkhim PHCTuensangPublic
61Noklak CHCTuensangPublic
62District Hospital TuensangTuensangPublic
63HOUSE OF HOPETuensangPublic
64Poly ClinicTuensangPrivate
65Chare PHCTuensangPublic
66Chessore PHCTuensangPublic
67Noksen PHCTuensangPublic
68Pangsha PHCTuensangPublic
69Shrinagesh PHCTuensangPublic
70Thonoknyu PHCTuensangPublic
71Dr  Motsuo Memorial HospitalWokhaPublic
72Bhandari CHCWokhaPublic
73Sanis CHCWokhaPublic
74Chukitong PHCWokhaPublic
75Hezukhu Memorial District HospitalZunhebotoPublic
76Aghunato CHCZunhebotoPublic
77Akuluto PHCZunhebotoPublic
78Atoizu PHCZunhebotoPublic
79VK PHCZunhebotoPublic
80Satakha PHCZunhebotoPublic
81Suruhuto PHCZunhebotoPublic


Helpline: 7628813737


Postal Address:

Room No. 215

State Health Agency (SHA), AB-PMJAY

Directorate of Health and Family Welfare

Kohima – 797004, Nagaland.