Issue Date Topic Title Issued by
    JULY 2021  
30.07.2021 Micro-containment SOP for Micro Containment Zone HFW
30.07.2021 Home Isolation Revised SOP for Home Isolation HFW
15.07.2021 Testing Ramping up COVID testing HFW
13.07.2021 Vaccination Shopkeepers and Vegetable Vendors vaccination HFW
13.07.2021 Vaccination / Testing Health Workers Vaccination & Testing HFW
    JUNE 2021  
14.06.2021 Circular for HCWs COVID-19 Circular for health care workers, 14th June 2021 HFW
09.06.2021 Lockdown State Lockdown extended till 18th June with more relaxations CS
05.06.2021 COVID Expenditure Expenditure Details for COVID-19 under DHFW HFW
02.06.2021 COVID Deaths Order on submission of case records for all COVID-19 deaths HFW
02.06.2021 Vaccination Submission of Weekly Vaccination Status report HFW
02.06.2021 Testing Free COVID testing for children and women facing violence and in distress HFW
    MAY 2021  
27.05.2021 SOP for Rural/Peri-Urban areas SOP on COVID-19 Containment, Surveillance, and Management in Rural and Peri-Urban areas HFW
25.05.2021 Guideline COVID-19 Guidelines on Dead Body Management (updated guidelines) HFW
22.05.2021 Order Nagaland Epidemic Disease (Mucormycosis) Regulations 2021 HFW
22.05.2021 Notification on Incentives Incentives for Health Care Workers on COVID-19 duty HFW
20.05.2021 Advisory  Advisory on Random Testing Home
20.05.2021 Discharge Policy Revised Discharge Policy for COVID-19 confirmed cases HFW
20.05.2021 Community Surveillance Community Surveillance on COVID-19 in Nagaland NSDMA
20.05.2021 Home Isolation Guidelines for Home Isolation of Asymptomatic and Mild COVID-19 cases HFW
17.05.2021 Order NHAK notified as COVID Hospital HFW
11.05.2021 Order Total Lockdown 14th to 21st May 2021 CS
05.05.2021 Order Guideline for govt and pvt hospitals engaged in management of COVID-19 cases HFW
04.05.2021 Addendum Addendum to Order on Containment Zones 03.05.2021 CS
03.05.2021 Order Containment Zones Dimapur and Kohima CS
01.05.2021 Essential Service Instruction to DTF Dimapur to prepare for delivery of essential healthcare services HFW
01.05.2021 COVID Hospital Dimapur DH designated as COVID hospital HFW
    APRIL 2021  
29.04.2021 SOP SOP for returnees and travellers entering Nagaland Home
29.04.2021 Consolidated Guideline COVID-19 Consolidated Guidelines Highlights Home
29.04.2021 Consolidated Guideline Consolidated Guidelines to prevent and combat the surge of COVID-19 Home
28.04.2021 Epidemic Act Nagaland Epidemic Disease (COVID-19) Regulations 2020 (Amendment) HFW
21.04.2021 Testing Revised COVID-19 testing rates HFW
19.04.2021 Order Order - Closure of all Schools Class 1 to 8 CS
16.04.2021 SOP Revised Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the state CS
07.04.2021 Advisory Screening of returnees/inbound travelers at Dimapur Airport Home
    MARCH 2021  
27.03.2021 Advisory Strict enforcement of all the existing guidelines and SOPs to prevent the spread of COVID19 during celebration of the upcoming Holi festival, Good Friday, Easter and other Festivals in the state Home
    DECEMBER 2020  
18.12.2020 Advisory Guidance Note on COVID19 appropriate behaviour during Festive Season HFW
    NOVEMBER 2020  
25.11.2020 Travel Advisory Revised SOP for travelers and returnees entering Nagaland Home
17.11.2020 Advisory Advisory for weddings marriages and social events HFW
    SEPTEMBER 2020  
25.09.2020 Management  Guidelines on rational use of Oxygen for management of COVID-19 MoHFW
10.09.2020 Discharge Revised Discharge Policy of COVID-19 cases HFW
10.09.2020 Testing Revised Testing Policy for COVID-19 HFW
    AUGUST 2020  
23.08.2020 COVID Death COVID-19 Medical Certification of Cause of Death, PME, Disposal of Unclaimed Dead Bodies HFW
23.08.2020 COVID Death District Covid-19 Death Review Committee Reporting HFW
15.08.2020 SOP Step by Step guidance on Home Isolation HFW
05.08.2020 SOP SOP for Home Isolation Home
    JULY 2020  
30.07.2020 Testing Advisory on Rapid Antigen Test for COVID-19 Testing HFW
24.07.2020 SOP Guidelines on detection of suspected or confirmed COVID case in a non COVID health facility MoHFW
15.07.2020 SOP Cluster Containment Plan HFW
  Testing Order Covid-19 Testing by Pvt Labs Hospitals HFW
15.07.2020 SOP SOP for Contact Tracing HFW
    JUNE 2020  
21.06.2020 Testing To increase sample collection capacity HFW
14.06.2020 Testing To provide test report to the person or patient concerned HFW
05.06.2020 IEC COVID-19 Response and Containment measures Pocket Reference for Stakeholders HFW
02.06.2020 SOP Rational Deployment Of Health Personnel for COVID duty HFW
    MAY 2020  
31.05.2020 Advisory Advisory on quarantine using private facilities HFW
30.05.2020 Testing Order for sample collection at Quarantine Centres HFW
29.05.2020 SOP SOP for Quarantine Facilities Nagaland MoHFW
29.05.2020 Testing Additional Sample Collection Centres HFW
23.05.2020 Advisory Advisory on Hydroxychloroquine as prophylaxis MoHFW
17.05.2020 Testing ICMR Strategy on testing for COVID19 for Pregnant Women MoHFW
15.05.2020 Advisory Personnel from Allied Departments for engagement in the management of COVID-19 pandemic HFW
    APRIL 2020  
24.04.2020 Advisory End Life Care & Management of Dead Body  
14.04.2020 Advisory Safety measures in quarantine facility MoHFW
01.04.2020 Advisory Privacy of COVID-19 positive people  
    MARCH 2020  
23.03.2020 Order Directive to all ambulances in the State HFW
18.03.2020 Order The-Nagaland-Epidemic-Disease-COVID-19-Regulations-2020 HFW

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