1. a)Introduction:
    Communitisation was launched in the Department after the bill was passed by the State Assembly with the enactment of  �Nagaland Communitisation of Public Institutions and Services Act, 2002�. In the beginning only the rural based health centres were communitised, but in due course of time, almost all the functioning health units have been communitised, except the district hospitals.
  2. b) Objectives/Aims for Communitization:
  1. Make community aware that health is the responsibility of both the Government and the community.
  2. Enable the community to own-up health centres so as to plan and execute their own health needs with the staff for both preventive and curative.
  3. Create awareness for the community to contribute in the form of support – morally and to donate cash and kind to meet the gaps when there are shortages.
  4. Encourage/popularize the locally available indigenous herbs/ practices as an alternative health care.
  1. c) Status of Communitized Health units
Sl. No. Year Health Units Communitized Number




Sub-centre 334
Primary Health Centre 10
Community Health Centre 1
2. 2006-2007 Sub-centre 62
3. 2007-2008 Primary Health Centre (functional) 53
Community Health Centre 20



April �09

Sub-centres 398
PHCs 62
CHCs 21
  1. d)Achievements made during 2010-11 
Sl. No. Activities Amount
1. Supervision and monitoring at the district level Rs.    2.05 lacs
2. Training and capacity building Rs.   14.10 lacs
3. State level supervision evaluation and documentation Rs.   16.43 lacs
4. Construction of 33 new SC building Rs. 165.00 lacs
5. Award for the best performing SC Rs.     2.42 lacs
                          Grand total Rs. 200.00 lacs
  1. e)Activities under Communitization







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