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Meshnet Conceptualization for Health Services in Nagaland

              The pilot project is implemented on joint venture by Mission for Geo-spatial Application, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India and GIS & Remote Sensing Centre, Planning Department, Govt. of Nagaland.
           In a state like Nagaland where the total area is 16,579 sq, with many hilly and rugged terrain which are still inaccessible, the Department aimed to provide for an accessible, affordable, acceptable and accountable health care through a functional public health system comprising of District Hospitals, Community Health Centers (CHCs), Primary Health Centers (PHCs), Sub Centers (SCs) and Big Dispensaries.
At present challenge is to make basic health care accessible for the masses while utilizing the existing human resources available with the department. To extend the basic minimum healthcare for state’s population which is predominantly rural and distributed across distant geographical terrains; it has been envisioned to introduce Meshnet system through which specialists at higher health units can diagnose a patient from lower health units , prescribe medication and treatment, or even perform surgery through Live HD-quality video assistant without having the patient spend time and money traveling to a major town or city for treatment.
The proposed solution "Meshnet Technology" will enable point to point communication between the different health centres at a speed of 150 MBPS – 200 MBPS. Having high bandwidth, Meshnet technology is initially envisage for use in performing Live surgery in the remote/rural area with assistant from Specialist from NHAK using HD quality video camera and to support/supplement the Telemedicine system. But in addition, meshnet will also be use for setting-up video conferencing environment that will empower individual health centre to connect easily with higher level institutes with specialists and Medical Directorate for face-to-face communication with the click of a mouse button.

Implementation of Meshnet for Health Services
The Meshnet Technology for use in Health services requires video components Like web camera, microphones, web video conferencing software etc. Meshnet will provide High speed connectivity for data, audio and video communication.

      There are many advantages in the use of Meshnet Technology in health-care and delivery system

  1. Meshnet System can help in performing Surgery in the remote Health centre through consultation with Specialist Doctor in the Headquarter. The system allows HD - quality live video streaming which will be use for conducting live surgery.

  2. Consultation between Patients and specialist Doctor through video conferencing (Telemedicine) which will help  the patients to save on travel time and costs.

  3. Medical Directorate can have meetings easily between Headquarter (NHAK) and other health centres (CHC & PHC) that are situated in the remote Area.

  4. Once Meshnet System is in place all communication (video, audio, files etc.) are free of any charges.

  5. The meshnet system can be link to internet (www) which will allow access of internet in the remote areas where the meshnet system is in place.

                HealthCare Network in Kohima :
Successfully established the Meshnet connectivity connecting all PHC’s , CHC’s under Kohima District to General Naga Hospital & Medical Directorate. At each node a Wi-Fi connectivity is also being provided having range of up to 500ft for wireless connection to network. 

Meshnet connectivity established

Sl. No.

Name of Health Unit
1 Naga Hospital Kohima
2 Zubza PHC
3 Zadhima PHC
4 Chiepobozou CHC
5 Khonoma PHC
6 Mezoma PHC
7 Kigwema PHC
8 Jakhama PHC
9 Sweba (Vishwema) PHC
10 Kezocha PHC
11 Touphema PHC
12 Botsa PHC
13 Tseminyu CHC
14 Tesophenyu PHC
15 Chunlikha PHC
16 Directorate of Health & Family Welfare

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